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World War I was staged by Jewish leaders also

I have already presented the plan behind ww2. They have put the jew Hitler in power in order to oblige everyday jews to go to Israel. After losing everything and being in the suddenly hostile USSR after the war, the choice of going to Israel seemed a quite good deal for them.

But Jewish leaders were obliged to make a plan in two parts. They couldn't have a Hitler all of a sudden. And for their ww2 plan, they had to control every important countries. And it seems that, in 1914, Russia was not into control yet. Great Britain was, France was, USA were, Germany and Austria most probably were. But it seems that it was not the case of Russia.

Or maybe it was. But they had to justify the future hatred against jews and Russia (which had become communist at this time) from the future nazi government. So, even if it was in control, they had to destroy the Russian government and to replace it by one with a very visible domination from jews.

So they had to create a first European war in order to create the conditions of success for the ww2 plan and finally for the creation of Israel.

So, with ww1, they were able to :

1) Justify the rise of Hitler because of the Versailles treaty, the poverty caused by the war (and by the jews after the collapse stocks markets of October 1929), the supposed stab in the back from jews in 1918, and the communist-jewish menace from USSR.

2) Justify the war against the now communist and dominated by jews USSR in 1940.

3) They were also able to create the condition of existence for Israel in the middle-east. The Turkish empire was too big and too powerful for the future Israel. They had to split it into several pieces in order to have only countries with little or average size and power. With ww1, they were able to justify the collapse of the Turkish empire in 1920.

With this new interpretation of those events, we can also understand why wwI lasted 4 years. In fact, in Europe, the goal of the war was to create revolutions in Russia and Germany. And the plan of jewish leaders was to explain them by the fact that people were fed up with the war. So the war had to last quite a long time in order to explain revolts from people. It had to last at least 3 years to explain in a convincing way the Russian revolution.

But, as the Russian revolution allowed Germany to transfer its armies from the east to the west, thus increasing greatly his forces against French/English armies, the war needed to last longer than 3 years. German armies had to win some more times in 1918 before beginning to lose. And they had to begin to lose. Because otherwise, the German revolution wouldn't have been believable. A revolution when a country is winning, it is quite bizarre. It's less bizarre when it is loosing. So, this added nearly one year of war after the Russian revolution.

In fact, jewish leaders ended the war quite too quickly, because the change in the balance of forces was too quick to be honest. In marsh 1918, German armies got reinforcements from east troops. Between marsh and July 1918, they were still able to make large breakthroughs. But, suddenly, in august, it was finished. The allies were making German armies retreat everywhere.

Anyway, with Germany beginning to retreat a little bit, they were able to launch the German revolution (in 10/30/1918 at Kiel). Once again, this operation was done too fast not to be something staged. In only 12 days, the revolution had succeed and Guillaume II was fleeing toward Netherlands (11/10/1918). In fact, it was even better than that. Because, until the 11/6/1918, the revolution was limited to Kiel. So, in only 4 days, the revolution had succeeded and Guillaume II was fleeing. A little to incredible.
They were obliged to have a revolution in Germany in order to explain the rise of Hitler. Without it, the empire would have been still in place, and Hitler couldn't have come to power (since there would have been no election for supreme power). Or it would have been much difficult to explain. Jewish leaders were obliged to have a republic to be able to have Hitler as the chancellor 15 years later.

The revolution also allowed them to end the war sooner. Without it, they would have been obliged to have a military victory. And it would have been much longer (may be 1 or 2 more years). Or it would have been less logical.

Of course, as Jewish leaders didn't need the war anymore after the German revolution, they could end it right away. But maybe another reason forced them to end the war very quickly after the German revolution. As Jewish leaders like symbols and numerology, maybe they wanted to finish the war the 11/11/1918 (number eleven is important for them, as we have known it since 9/11 events). So, in order to fit with this date, they were pressed to end the war quicker than they would probably have done if they hadn't got this numerical symbol in mind.

The revolution also permitted jewish leaders to advance the stab in the back theory, which made German people hostile toward jews. This was another explanation of the rise of Hitler.

So, in fact, the war lasted a long time not because the defense was too strong at this time (thus preventing any breakthrough into the enemy lines), but because jewish leaders needed it to last enough time to be able to explain de Russian and the German revolutions.

And all those stupid bloody attacks with only a gain of 1 or 2 kms and 100.000 deads each time were also made with the goal of justifying the discontent from troops and also civilians. And thus justifying Russian and German revolutions.

It also allows Jewish leaders to explain the hatred for war from French and English people and government during the 20's and the 30's, thus explaining their passivity against Germany's rearmament, about the expansion wars from Hitler, and the strategy of "defense only" from the French government (which allows them to explain the fact that the Allied armies lost in 1940).

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