vendredi 3 mai 2013

Events pushing Germans to vote for Hitler were staged by Jewish leaders

Of course, many events from the 20's and 30's were made with the goal of pushing people to vote for Hitler.

1) The German revolution was made of course to provoke a change of government (empire to republic). But the secondary goal was to create a hatred from goys toward jews with the theory of the stab in the back defended later by the nazi's. And of course, it allowed Nazis to present communism and jews as enemies to German people.

2) The treaty of Versailles and the reparations were made to make German people displeased and to make them feel discontent toward English and French governments.

3) The hyperinflation of 1923 was voluntarily created in order to ruin a part of the upper middle class, and so, to make them very angry. The other goal was probably to  suppress the debt of the German government. Being liberated from the debt, it was then easier for them to make a rearmament (also with the help of jewish money).

We can find in Wikipedia informations about the fact that hyperinflation was very favorable to Hitler.

"Although the inflation ended with the introduction of the Rentenmark and the Weimar Republic continued for a decade afterwards, hyperinflation is widely believed to have contributed to the Nazi takeover of Germany and Adolf Hitler's rise to power. Adolf Hitler himself in his book, Mein Kampf, makes many references to the German debt and the negative consequences that brought about the inevitability of "National Socialism". The inflation also raised doubts about the competence of liberal institutions, especially amongst a middle class who had held cash savings and bonds. It also produced resentment of bankers and speculators, whom the government and press blamed for the inflation.[16] Many of them were Jews, and some Germans called the hyperinflated Weimar banknotes Jew Confetti".

4) The Ruhr invasion in 1923 and 1924 (officially made to oblige German government to pay the reparations), was another action made to produce discontent in the German population.

5) Same thing, the stock market crash of 1929 and the great depression which followed were made, among other things, with the goal of provoking the ruin of the German upper middle class, the impoverishment of the middle class and also provoking a massive amount of unemployment, thus creating even more discontent.

6) All the informations about the involvement of jews in the Russian revolution were given to increase the resentment against jews. We can notice that after 1940, when nazism was no more necessary, suddenly, we haven't informations about the jews in USSR anymore. Some people will say it's because jews were expelled from power by Stalin. But when jewish leaders have the power, they never let it go so easily. So, it's obvious that jews were still possessing the power after Stalin. And then, we should have informations about them.

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