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The absurdity of wanting to develop the vital space to the east

Hitler said in "Mein Kampf" that the vital space of German people had to be taken on eastern lands, that is, Slavic countries.

For example, in the chapter XIV of Mein Kampf (1926), in Eastern Orientation or Eastern Policy: "If we speak of soil [to be conquered for German settlement] in Europe today, we can primarily have in mind only Russia and her vassal border states."

It was clearly a declaration of war against all Slavic people, since this vital space couldn't only be taken by deportation or by extermination.

The problem is that it is ridiculous. Slavs are among the whitest people. If he had been logical, he would have chosen to take the countries of less white nations, like Italy, or east and south Balkan countries.

Ok, maybe when you go far to the East, some Russians are more mixed with Asians. But the Slavic countries which are close to Germany (so those which would have been invaded by Germany to get the greater lebensraum) are those of the west. They are the countries where there are the whitest Slavs. So, it would have been the whitest Slavs he would have thrown out of their countries in order to have a bigger vital space for Germany. Thus, instead of throwing out Italian, or people of the east or south of Balkans, Hitler, the so-called champion of the white race, would have thrown out much whiter people. It doesn't make any sense.

It's true that he wasn't exactly the champion of the white race, but the champion of the Germanic and Nordic race. But still. After those races, he was the champion of the white race. So, to favor people who were less white instead of pure whites was still completely incredible.

It's also true that there are less people in the Balkans than in Russia and its immediate satellites. In 1940, there were around 40 million people in the Balkan, while there were 168 million people in USSR in January 1939 (And after the gain of half of Poland, there were 196 million people). So, it would have been much less interesting in terms of vital space.

But Hitler couldn't take more than the western side of USSR. And, according to official historians, it was not in his plans to take more. The problem is the western zone of Russia contains just 50 or 60 % of Russians. So, he wouldn't have got more than 85 or 100 million people there. Thus, he wouldn't have got much more people than taking the whole Poland territory (35 million) and Balkan (40 million).

So, why bother about invading Russia, which was very powerful and so very difficult to beat, and which had only 80 or 100 million people, when he could invade Poland and Balkans easily and get place for almost the same number of people?

If he had added France, he would have got access to 40 million more (thus 120 million). And even 60 million, since France had a low density of population (thus 140 million). With the French colonies, there would have been space for at least 60-80 million more Germans (thus a total of 200-220 million).

And why not conquer Turkey? There were only 20 million people in 1940. But there was clearly enough space to have at least 60 million (even with the agricultural knowledge of 1940).

So, there were a lot of different possible combinations, without invading USSR.

In 1940, Hitler had already done a good part of the job (he had conquered France, Belgium and half of Poland). So, what if he had said "well, fuck USSR. I am gonna invade Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Greece, and North Africa"? There wouldn't have been the war against USSR. Thus, Hitler would have kept the power for a very long time. And he would have defeated England easily.

It is said that Hitler respected French. This is why he didn't make a policy of extension of his vital space in France. Thus it means that he made distinction between whites. So, why not respect also Slavs, who were even more white than French?

So, this policy against Slavic countries doesn't make sense. But it makes completely sense if Hitler was a jew working for greater Jewish leaders who wanted to create Israel.

Why did Hitler need to have this policy toward Slavs?

There were several reasons:

1° USSR was needed by Jewish leaders to trap everyday jews from Eastern and Central Europe in the future Soviet Bloc. Without a war from Hitler against USSR, this wouldn't have been made, since USSR wouldn't have won and thus wouldn't have been able to take over Eastern and Central Europe.

2° Jewish leaders needed the war between Germany and the USSR. Otherwise, Germany wouldn't have been beaten. England was much too weak to be able to defeat Germany. There was only the USSR which was a credible adversary, an adversary able to win again Germany. So, as Jewish leaders didn't want the reign of Hitler over Europe to last more than a few years, they had to make loose German's armies. And the only country which could do that was the USSR.

3° Jewish leaders also needed Hitler to gather Russian jews. Of course, anyhow, they would have been trapped in USSR after the war. So, for Russian jews, the war was not absolutely necessary. But with the war, they could be expelled from their houses by Nazis, deported, humiliated, and so on... So, they would have been more eager to go to Israel after that.

So, for all these reasons, Hitler the jew had to develop this absurd policy in order to justify the invasion of USSR.


Some say also that Hitler feared the high birth rate of Russia. He feared that Slavs would finally invade the vital space of Germany. But Hitler also said that France would be overwhelmed in 100 or 200 years by African from its colonies. So, he was also conscious that Africa would become a problem for Europe in the near future. But, instead of treating the most important problem (the threat from Africa), he wanted to treat the problem of the very white Russians.

He said that he feared the high birth rate of Russia. But Germany had also a high birth rate. So, why was he afraid of being overwhelmed by Russians and not by Africans or by Arabs, or even Turks, who also had a high birth rate.

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