jeudi 2 mai 2013


Welcome to the blog "Hitler the jew and the faked World War II",

I have already published a lot of things about Hitler being a jew and the faked world war II (you can find them here and here). But it was mainly on forums. And you never know what can happen to them, thus the reason of this blog. A blog has also a better visibility.

About Hitler being a jew and the faked wwII, I have brought quite a few new things:

1) I give what I think is the true reason of all this (Jewish leaders wanted to create Israel, but the everyday jews wouldn't have followed them. So Jewish leaders had to force them to go there). And this find enable to understand the rest of the history. With other authors, you can sometimes find that Hitler was the creator of Israel, but never the core reason, the reason which forced Jewish leaders to do all that
2) I give the reason why Hitler had to be a jew, regardless of all the unverifiable stories about him being the son of a Rothschild
3) I give some new ideas about the military et strategic mistakes of Hitler
4) I explain the reason why allied countries have closed their frontiers to jews before world war II
5) I explain the McCarthyism
6) I explain the very strange fall of the Jewish power in USSR after 1942
7) I also explain World War I. I show that it was also a war created by Jewish leaders (something you can sometimes find here and there, mostly evocated in two or three lines, but never with any explanation about the real reason of the war, nor with any details)
8) I explain why the south of France wasn't invaded by Hitler before the fall of 1942
9) I give the reason why you can find stories about Hitler being a jew as far as 1936
10) I explain why Franco didn't make an alliance with Hitler during WWII
11) I explain why USSR was given half of Europe after World War II
12) I explain why the war lasted for years and not eight or ten years, nor two years
13) I explain the fact that everyday jews were sent in concentration camps (which become strange when you begin to think that Hitler was a jew and when you think that there wasn't any holocaust)
14) Etc…

One other thing. English is not my native language and even if my English is not bad, I am not fluent. So, you will find sometimes grammatical errors, strange construction of sentences, not perfectly appropriated words. But I hope it will be understandable most of the time.

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  1. Amazing.. This idea had been running around my head for years..Why Dunkirk? Why the caucuses for oil? Definitely need the straits of Gibraltar to win it!