mercredi 31 juillet 2013

The strange clemency of the USA and Britain toward Germany after World War I

Just after WWI, the treaty of Versailles (June 1919) forced Germany to pay reparations to several countries it had fought. Germany had to pay 20 billion gold-marks before May 1921. A commission had to estimate the total amount of reparations Germany would finally pay. In 1921, at the conference of London, the final estimation of the amount due was 132 billion gold-marks. The repartition was the following: France 52 %, England 22 %, Belgium 10 %, Italy 8 %, and 8 % for other Allies.

But, immediately, voices in England said the reparations were unfair for Germany and bad for the European economy. It started with a book from the famous economist John Maynard Keynes "The Economic Consequences of the Peace" (1919), which knew a great success.

Those fears about economic problems caused by the payment of reparations seemed to become real when hyperinflation hit Germany (between 1923 and 1924). At least, the USA and England seemed to think so. Then, Germany declared it could not pay the reparations and asked for a moratorium.

Quickly, the USA, more and more followed by England, didn't stop pushing for a decrease of the amount of reparations and finally, for an annulation of them.

France, on the other side, which had been hit very hard by the war, defended the idea that reparations had to be paid until the last gold-mark. When Germany said in 1923 it couldn't pay, France, with Belgium, invaded the Ruhr in order to get paid (by taking control of mines, industries, etc…). But, being under the pressure of the USA and England and isolated diplomatically, France finally evacuated the Ruhr in 1925. And progressively, it accepted more and more decreases of the German reparations, until finally, the payment ceased.

So, the USA and England were indeed very merciful with Germany.

mercredi 24 juillet 2013

Yes, 99 % of websites saying Hitler was a jew or an agent are made by jews

In the nationalist community, many people say that the stories of Hitler being a jew are bullshit, because they are told by jews. In the conspirationist community they say they are told by jews, or illuminati agents or CIA agents, etc… So, for them, those stories are phony.

And yes, they are right.

Indeed, 99 % of the websites saying Hitler was a jew are run by jews and are talking bullshit.

So, it is perfectly understandable that most of those people think that Hitler wasn't a jew or an agent and that those stories are phony.

In the conspirationist community, people are more receptive to the idea that Hitler was a jew or a mason. So, there are much more people believing that Hitler was not what he seemed to be than in the nationalist community. But usually, they are more easily deceived about the whole story than nationalists who have begun to understand what all this was about.

The question is: why would Jewish leaders do such a thing?

At first sight, it doesn't make any sense.

If it was false, if Hitler was really a Gentile Nazi, why would Jewish leaders make so many websites of this kind? It wouldn't make any sense. I mean, they have a golden story. With Hitler being a real Gentile Nazi, they have the perfect Gentile bad guy. They can make Gentiles feel guilty during centuries about the bad Hitler killing poor jews, and the vile Gentiles doing nothing to stop him. They have the perfect incarnation of evil. It has worked perfectly well for 60 years. Why would they kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? Why introduce confusion?

jeudi 4 juillet 2013

Henry Ford was a jew or a freemason and his "anti-Semitism" was staged

I have quickly talked about Ford in the previous article. I am going to study his case further.

According to the official history, in 1920, Henry Ford bought a newspaper called "The Deadborn Independent". He transformed it into an anti-Semite newspaper (of course, for people conscious about Jewish plots, it was not "anti-Semite", but helped people to be more conscious about Jewish power and plans: I use the word anti-Semite just for convenience). Journalists wrote the papers; but they signed many of them "Henry Ford". Ford didn't stop this, because he didn't read the papers, just the titles (according to his own words). In 1920, he published also a book (written from the newspaper articles): "The international jew". Jews pressured him to stop publishing the journal and the book, which he did in 1927.

There are several problems with this story.

First, if Ford was the president of such a huge company, it was certainly because he was either a jew, or a mason. The USA has been controlled by jews since the beginning. Founders of America were freemasons, thus Jewish puppets. So, it was impossible for a simple Gentile to become the owner of such a big company. They can own little or medium companies, but not huge ones. Considering that he was either a jew or a mason, Henry Ford publishing an anti-Semite newspaper didn't make any sense. The only thing which could make sense is that he was ordered to do so.

Second problem, it is said in his biography that he was not good at writing and reading during his school years. It means he most probably didn't like reading. We can add to this that his career most probably was consuming all his time, so he didn't even had time to read. Thus, how did he come to know about Jewish plots, when almost nobody was talking about them? In 1918, in the USA, someone add to read a huge amount of books to finally come to know just a little bit about the Jewish power. Only people who like reading a lot, that is intellectuals, could do that. And even in that case, it was very difficult to come to those ideas, since nearly nobody talked about the Jewish problem in America at this time (just few intellectuals were doing that in Europe). And even with this knowledge, someone had to be able to accept it. Without having quite strong political opinions or being extremely open minded, it was very difficult to think it wasn't bullshit. It is still the case in 2013 for most people; so, in 1918, in the USA, it was considerably more difficult.

lundi 1 juillet 2013

Nationalist movements and individuals in France, England, and the USA were also phony

Of course, all the presidents of democratic countries and dictators involved in WWII were jews. Their political movements were also full of jews. But there was another case. In democratic countries, there were also famous Anti-Semite or racists individuals, and nationalist movements which didn't succeed (into taking the power). All of them were jews (or at least freemasons) or run by jews. As Jewish leaders were able to control much greater and powerful political movements, it was kids play for them to do that.

As they didn't succeed in promoting their ideas or taking the power, people think they were real nationalists or Anti-semites. Real ones who were blocked on the road of power or were silenced (for individuals) because of the jews running those countries. 

But, they were indeed jews. Their role was to make people think that racism and anti-Semitism was plaguing every important country. You couldn't have, dictators, fascists or Nazis in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, etc…, and not having anti-Semites, racists, or anti-democratic movements and individuals in France, USA and Britain. Anti-Semitism, anti-democracy, and racism had to be almost everywhere (in different degrees).

It was also good to make gentiles of those countries feel guilty (once the war finished), and to feed the paranoia of the average jew.

As all those political movements of the 20's and 30's couldn't appear all of a sudden, nationalist, racist or/and anti-Semite movements and writers had to appear long before that. This is why there were people like Joseph Arthur de Gobineau (19th century), Edouard Drumont (fall of 19th century), the "Action Française" (beginning of the 20th century), etc… Those French intellectual and political movements influenced political life of Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece of the 20's and 30's.

Of course, this list is limited to only three or four county, because in many European countries, nationalists have won (and we are talking about political movements which didn't succeed). And in Russia, there was the communist dictatorship (so, it was impossible for other political movements to exist). Thus, the list is limited only to democratic countries. France and England are the main countries concerned by this phenomenon, but the USA also.

In this category we have:

President of Ford Motor Company (US): Henry Ford

French political movements: "Action Française", "croix de feu", "Parti populaire Français"

French writers: Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Joseph Arthur de Gobineau

French political activist: Edouard Drumont

UK political movements: Britons, Imperial Fascist League (IFL), British Union of Fascists (BUF)

Of course, about individuals, the acts of retaliation against them (pressure from the jews, prison, etc…) were not for real.

So, all nationalist movements or famous nationalist individuals of this era were in fact phony.