lundi 1 juillet 2013

Nationalist movements and individuals in France, England, and the USA were also phony

Of course, all the presidents of democratic countries and dictators involved in WWII were jews. Their political movements were also full of jews. But there was another case. In democratic countries, there were also famous Anti-Semite or racists individuals, and nationalist movements which didn't succeed (into taking the power). All of them were jews (or at least freemasons) or run by jews. As Jewish leaders were able to control much greater and powerful political movements, it was kids play for them to do that.

As they didn't succeed in promoting their ideas or taking the power, people think they were real nationalists or Anti-semites. Real ones who were blocked on the road of power or were silenced (for individuals) because of the jews running those countries. 

But, they were indeed jews. Their role was to make people think that racism and anti-Semitism was plaguing every important country. You couldn't have, dictators, fascists or Nazis in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, etc…, and not having anti-Semites, racists, or anti-democratic movements and individuals in France, USA and Britain. Anti-Semitism, anti-democracy, and racism had to be almost everywhere (in different degrees).

It was also good to make gentiles of those countries feel guilty (once the war finished), and to feed the paranoia of the average jew.

As all those political movements of the 20's and 30's couldn't appear all of a sudden, nationalist, racist or/and anti-Semite movements and writers had to appear long before that. This is why there were people like Joseph Arthur de Gobineau (19th century), Edouard Drumont (fall of 19th century), the "Action Française" (beginning of the 20th century), etc… Those French intellectual and political movements influenced political life of Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece of the 20's and 30's.

Of course, this list is limited to only three or four county, because in many European countries, nationalists have won (and we are talking about political movements which didn't succeed). And in Russia, there was the communist dictatorship (so, it was impossible for other political movements to exist). Thus, the list is limited only to democratic countries. France and England are the main countries concerned by this phenomenon, but the USA also.

In this category we have:

President of Ford Motor Company (US): Henry Ford

French political movements: "Action Française", "croix de feu", "Parti populaire Français"

French writers: Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Joseph Arthur de Gobineau

French political activist: Edouard Drumont

UK political movements: Britons, Imperial Fascist League (IFL), British Union of Fascists (BUF)

Of course, about individuals, the acts of retaliation against them (pressure from the jews, prison, etc…) were not for real.

So, all nationalist movements or famous nationalist individuals of this era were in fact phony.

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  1. The founder of the British Union of Fascists (BUF) was Oswald Mosley. As the others, he was most certainly a Jew. Thus, we can think that is name was probably a contraction of the Jewish names Moses and Levy : Oswald Moses-Levy.

    Then, it's not a surprise that one of his two sons, Max Mosley, was president of the very powerful Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) during 16 years (1993-2009). Normally, the son of such a fascist leader could never have reach such a position of power in a world dominated by jews. But, as Mosley was in fact a jew, it makes perfectly sense. Mosley's were and still are members of the Jewish establishment.

  2. Of course, some could answer that Mosley was from an aristocratic family ; thus, he couldn't be a jew.

    But it is now a well known fact that the English aristocracy didn't stop marrying jews and jewesses during the 18th, 19th, and 20th century. So, being a noble didn't prevent from being a jew. In fact, at the beginning of the 20th century, it was the contrary which was the most probable.

    And when you search a little more about Oswald Mosley, you learn that he married Cynthia Blanche Curzon.

    Cynthia was the daughter of George Nathaniel Curzon, (1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston) and Mary Victoria Leiter.

    And Mary Victoria Leiter was the daughter of Levi Ziegler Leiter (an American millionaire) and Mary Theresa Carver. Levi Ziegler Leiter: sounds very Jewish isn't it ?

    So, most probably, Cynthia's mother was a jewess and Cynthia herself was a jewess. Thus, Oswald Mosley married a jewess. Which is perfectly normal, since he was a jew himself.

    Official documents say that Levi Ziegler Leiter was a Mennonite, that is a Christian. Yes of course, of course... Well..., of course not. With such a name he couldn't be anything else than a jew. But of course, Jewish leaders hid the fact that he was a jew. Because, otherwise, people would have wonder why Oswald Mosley although officially not an antisemite, would have married a jewess or at least a quarter-jewess. But she was most probably a full jewess. An important jew like Levi Ziegler Leiter would never have married a non jewess.