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Why the jews Franco and Salazar were put in power

If the jews Franco and Salazar were put in power by Jewish leaders, it was to give a reason for Hitler to not attack these countries during WWII (especially Spain). If those two countries had been republics, they would have presented a threat for Hitler, just because of the possibility of a secret alliance with England and the USA in order to allow them to invade the European continent. So, just to avoid this possible threat, Hitler could have decided to invade those countries.
And even without considering them as enemies, Hitler wouldn't have got any scruple or hesitation to invade them in order to control the strait of Gibraltar, which was a crucial strategic point in the war against England.

But if those countries were semi-allies, because they were more or less in the same ideological camp, Jewish leaders could justify the fact that Hitler didn't invade them. The idea mainstream Medias sell to us is that Hitler was a sentimentalist and a man of honor, thus he couldn't attack his former ally. Without those moral problems, he would have surely tried to take control of the strait of Gibraltar by a way or another. So, it prevents people from thinking that the behavior of Hitler toward Spain was very strange.
But, even with this explanation, this is still extremely shady. Franco was in debt with the Axis. Without the help of Hitler and Mussolini, he would never have won the civil war. Hitler should have been very upset about that. And Hitler wasn't sentimental at all toward his former allies during the night of the long knives (just 6 or 7 years before). So, he should have shown no mercy toward Franco. He would have said "you give me the strait of Gibraltar, or I invade Spain in just one month and I kill you when it's finished". And between September 1940 and July 1941, Hitler had all his forces unemployed. So, his entire army was available to invade Spain. Even with only a quarter of German forces, the invasion would have taken only three weeks.

Note : the Axis needed to control the strait of Gibraltar as soon as September 1940; because Italy had begun a war against England in North Africa. Hitler sent troops to help Italy the 6th of February 1941. And as Hitler planned to invade USSR in 1941, he needed to control the strait very quickly before using his main forces in the battle against Russia.

On the side of Franco, mainstream history tells us that he was in fact quite a moderate politically and thus, that he didn't like Hitler. He thought he was completely insane. This is why he didn't help him during wwII. The other reason was that Spain was exhausted because of the civil war. Thus, he didn't want to engage his country in another war.
The very convenient divergence of political opinion was of course staged by Jewish leaders. The purpose was to explain the lack of alliance between Franco and Hitler during wwII.
The other reason is quite bullshit if you think a little bit about it. England couldn't invade Spain at this time (1940/1941). And Germany would have endorsed all the military and financial investments. So, Spain didn't risk anything at this time. And as Hitler was winning, the smart move was apparently to be his ally. The danger of a war against Germany was then much more probable than the one of a war against England.
The choice of Franco of choosing Allies against Hitler is very bizarre. Indeed, his neutrality meant clearly that he was helping the Allied camp against Hitler; because, it prevented Hitler from being able to get access to the strait of Gibraltar. He had chosen his side, and it was the side of the Allies. It's quite obvious that he did that because he thought that the Allies were the most powerful force and was afraid of it. But first, it's quite absurd, since Hitler was the ultra-dominant force in Europe after summer of 1940. And the Allies were in complete distress. So, it could only be long term estimation. But, at this moment, how could he know the Allies would win? In September 1940, it was an incredibly visionary prevision. But not incredible at all if Franco knew that the war was staged and was a conscious part of the conspiracy.
And it doesn't remove the fact that his choice was still extremely dangerous. Hitler was extremely aggressive and had shown that his armies were able to win in just one or two months against weak armies (like the ones of Franco) and even against powerful ones (like the ones of France and England). So, there was a great danger of Hitler attacking Spain sooner or later in order to get the control of the strait of Gibraltar. The reasoning of Franco was good, but only if Hitler didn't attack him during the next 2 or 3 years. It was good for the long term (if his prevision were good), but not for the short or middle term. His decision shows he was quite sure that Hitler wouldn't attack. But how could he know that? He could because he knew the Jewish leaders plan.
But choosing the side of the Allies wasn't enough. Franco had to thought that the Allies would excuse is alliance with Hitler and Mussolini during the civil war, and so, would let him keep the power after wwII. He had to be sure the Allies would forgive him and would let him in place. But once again, how could he know that? He knew that because he was a zionist Jew working for Jewish leaders.
If Franco had been a for real, he wouldn't have trusted them. He would have more trusted Hitler than the Jews Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill. So, even if they had promised to let him keep the power, he wouldn't have trusted them and would have chosen Hitler. Because of that, Franco was more interested in a victory of Hitler than a one of the Allies. But, Franco was not for real. He was a jew put in power to explain why Hitler wasn't able to take the strait of Gibraltar.

The fact that Spain civil war ended in 1939, just before wwII was also staged by Jewish leader. If civil hadn't ended, Hitler would have had a reason to invade Spain a take control of the strait of Gibraltar.

If Franco (and Salazar) had been for real, he wouldn't have gained the power in the first place. Jewish leaders would never have let him win. They would have sent tons of military material and soldiers from France, England, and USA, and would have restored a Jewish democracy. In fact, even the civil war would never have taken place. Spain and Portugal were already totally controlled by jews. If the civil war happened, this is because Jewish leaders wanted it to happen.

The fact that the civil war opposed kinds of fascists against communists allows Jewish leaders to explain why democracies didn't intervened, and even why they let Franco win. The official explanation is that they didn't want a communist country in Spain. Thus, they let Franco win. So, the rise of these two specific camps was of course also staged.

The fact that Franco and Salazar were jews doesn't need to be proven with the help of documents or testimonies. They were jews because they were clearly part of the Jewish leaders plan, and like for Hitler, Jewish leaders couldn't use gentiles for this work, even corrupted ones. They needed people of absolute trust…, thus, jews… And the fact that they weren't expelled from power after the war or that their countries weren't submitted to retaliations (like an economic embargo) shows also that they were jews.
However, for Franco, it seems that some people say that he has Jewish ancestries (John Toland for example in his book about Adolph Hitler of 1976, p887).

About Salazar, the name itself says much. Lazar is a Jewish name. For example, you can find the jew Ken L. Salazar in government of Obama as Secretary-designate. And in the "dictionary of Jewish family names" from Paul Levy (2006), you find Azar and Lazar.

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