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Why was the war between the USA and Germany declared only in 1941?

When you study the Battle of France, Dunkirk, the Battle of North Africa, etc, with a revisionist eye (that is, knowing that Hitler was a Zionist jew), you quickly ask yourself why the USA didn't declared war on Germany in 1939 or 1940. And you also ask yourself why it was Germany which declared war against America and not the contrary. And as quickly, you understand why.

Indeed, the fact that America didn't declared war on Germany sooner is extremely fishy. As England, France and all European countries, the USA had been dominated by the jews since an long time. In 1939, the president was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a jew. Roosevelt is a derivative of the Jewish name Rosenfeld, and Delano is also a Jewish name.

The infamous banknote of one dollar, the one with the pyramid and the all seeing eye, has been created in 1933, after the election of Roosevelt. The Jewish leaders sent then an important signal toward Gentiles. It meant "we are now powerful enough to show you clearly that we are the masters and you are the cattle". So, things were clear regarding the nature of the government of the USA.

So, America should have been the one which would have declared war on Germany, not the contrary. And America would have declared it as soon as England and France had declared war on Germany, that is, in 1939. And long before that, America should have pushed other Jewish dominated states of Europe (France, England, etc…) to make war on Germany.

And if they hadn't done it in 1939, they would have done it in 1940, after Dunkirk; because they would have feared an invasion of England. So, by declaring war on Germany, they would have probably prevented an invasion of it. Hitler would have been too afraid of the immense power of America to try to invade England.

They should have declared it also not long after June 1941, because Germany was then fighting Russians. If Germany had won against Russia, it would have been a catastrophe for the USA and of course, for the Jewish power.

But, no, they never declared war on Germany. It's Germany which declared war on the USA in December 1941, after the declaration of war from Japan to America.

So, the Jewish power was severely challenged by a supposed Anti-Semite, and they did nothing? Absolutely incredible. Super fishy.

The very fact that Germany declared war on the USA is also ultra fishy. Germany was fighting against USSR (Russia). England was not defeated yet. The Battle of North Africa wasn't won either. Germany hadn't been able to close the Mediterranean Sea at Gibraltar. Declaring war on the extremely powerful USA was completely crazy.

Officially Hitler did that because of his alliance with Japan. But, the treaty between Germany and Japan didn't force Germany to declare war on the USA. And, as someone else has said it, Japan didn't declared war on Russia when Germany did. So, why declare war on the USA? Germany didn't owe anything to Japan.

So, the declaration of war from Germany on the USA is another enormous discrepancy from Hitler.

But when you understand that Hitler was a jew and that wwII was staged, you understand quickly why all those events happened this way.

The USA couldn't declare war on Germany in 1939, because then, if Hitler had won the Battle of France, it would have seemed quite fishy. The Allied forces would have been much more powerful than the German ones. And for Jewish leaders, Hitler had to win the Battle of France.

The second reason why they couldn't declare war in 1939 is also valid for 1940 (after June). If they had done it, then, Hitler would have faced very powerful forces in England and in North Africa. Then, he would have been forced to postpone the war against Russia (supposing that they would have won the Battle of France of course), because this first front would have been much too powerful to allow Hitler to open a second one. He would have been forced to win against the USA/England alliance before making war against Russia. Thus, either Germany would have won against the Allied forces, or it would have lost.

  • In the first case, war against Russia would have been postponed for a long time. And as the USA were far away, it would have been impossible for Germany to win against them. So, the war would have last forever. But if at least England had been conquered, then, Germany would have had a free hand to invade Russia. And without England to make second front, the defeat of Germany against Russia would have been difficult to explain. And if Russia had won, nearly all Europe would have been invaded by Stalin.
  • In the second case, the invasion of Russia would never have taken place. And it would have been quite difficult to explain how Germany was defeated whit all its forces at disposal (supposing, of course, that he would have been defeated only by the English and American forces).
It would also have been even more difficult to explain why Hitler didn't invade Spain in order to get the strait of Gibraltar (or didn't force Franco to give German forces a right of passage on the Spanish territory).

So, they could declare war on Germany only after June 1941, once Hitler had already begun the invasion of Russia. Fall of 1941 was the good moment. It was because: 1) the invasion was necessary to justify after the victory of Russia that USSR would take over Eastern and Central Europe. 2) With Hitler having invaded Russia and his army killing millions of Russians, Hitler appeared much more as the bad guy than with the former wars, which had leaded to a little amount of deaths comparatively. 3) As Hitler was occupied by the war against Russia, Jewish leaders could justify that Hitler didn't tried to control the strait of Gibraltar and also didn't win the battle of North Africa. 4) With English and American forces still controlling the Mediterranean Sea, they could force Hitler to engage troops against them. It helped in explaining the defeat against Russians. 5) During the time needed to prepare the D-day, Hitler could gather the jews of Europe into camps. And there was enough time to give the Holocaust lie a credibility (one or two years would have seemed fishy. With the story happening on for or five years, it was more credible).

You can wonder why the USA didn't declare war in June 1941, just when Germany attacked Russia.

The first reason is that it was difficult to justify it, regarding the isolationist policy they had adopted until then. They didn't declare war when Germany invaded Poland, Norway, then France, when England was on the verge of being possibly invaded, when Germany began the battle of North Africa, when they invaded Greece, and finally, when most of Europe was more or less under the power the Axis (and, at least, under the power of dictators). So, why suddenly declare war on Germany? Of course, they could have used the argument that the invasion of Russia was the final straw, and that Hitler could become too powerful. But why wouldn't have it been the final straw during the previous steps? Thus, Germany had to be the one declaring war against the USA, not the contrary.

And how justify a war against Hitler because he was too powerful, when just few years later, they wouldn't seem to see any problem with USSR taking half of Europe?

The second reason was probably that Jewish leaders wanted to reorganize Asia. So, they decided to kill two birds with one stone and to use Japan to allow the war between Germany and the USA, in addition of making war in Asia. So as Japan had to be the initiator of the war with the USA, and thus as it had to be Germany which would then declare war on the USA, the USA couldn't declare war on Germany. And of course, Jewish leaders couldn't make Pearl Harbor happen just at the same time than the war between Germany and Russia. It would have been too fishy. They had to postpone a little bit the event in order to avoid a coincidence which would be too convenient.

Thus, in December 1941, the USA still couldn't declare war on Germany. Once again, it would have been too inconsistent with their former isolationist policy. And Jewish leaders wanted to reorganize Asia. So, the declaration of war had to come initially from Japan, Followed by the one from Germany.

War couldn't be declared in 1942 or in 1943, or after, because then, without the help of the USA, England should have been defeated in North Africa (or else, it would have seemed strange). And for the D-day of June 1944, it would have seemed too short. People would have wondered how America could have been so quickly operational for the D-day (the official timing was already quite extraordinary). Or else, the D-day would have been postponed. But Jewish leaders wanted the war to last a short amount of time. And if the D-day had been postponed, the war against Russia would have lasted longer, in order to finally have the same situation there was at the end of wwII, that is, Europe being separated in two blocks. But then, it would have been much more difficult to explain why the situation didn't evolve in one direction or another during all those years on the Russian front.

This is why the war had to be declared in 1941, not before, not after. And it had to be declared by Germany on the USA, and not the contrary.

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