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The strange alliance between Germany and Japan

The way of considering things presented in the previous article (about why the war between the USA and Germany was declared only in 1941) explains also the strange alliance between Germany and Japan.

As we have seen it before, to justify all those years of inaction from the USA, Jewish leaders had to give a quite good explanation. The one they found was that America was dominated by isolationists. In December 1941, it was then quite difficult to say that suddenly, they weren't isolationists anymore. Thus, because they were supposed to still be isolationists, the declaration of war of December 1941 couldn't come from them. It had to come from Germany.

This way, the USA could enter the war without creating a discrepancy. But, of course, Germany had everything to lose in a war with the USA, since it was already fighting Russia and England. There would have been no reason at all for Germany to suddenly declare war on the USA at the fall of 1941.

This is why the Japanese alliance was required. With it, Germany had a reason to declare war on the USA. Even if the reason seemed very phony, there was at least a reason. Once this reason created, Jewish Medias just had to sell the idea that Hitler was a man of honor and thus, felt obligated to declare war on the USA.

With Japan, Jewish leaders had a country totally independent from Europe; a country which then could declare war on the USA at any desired time, something very useful and convenient since the moment the war between Germany and the USA had to be declared was quite strange (if Japan hadn't been involved).

This is why there was this very strange alliance between Japan and Germany (September 27 1940). It had nothing to do with the official story; that is, Hitler had Japan in great esteem and thought Japanese were kind of Germanic Asians. It also had nothing to do with the hope that Japan would participate to the war against Russia.

Of course, it means that the Japanese government was already controlled by jews. Otherwise, Jewish leaders wouldn't have relied on it for this agenda which needed to be very precise.

PS: Indeed, this alliance was very strange. What did Hitler, who thought that German and Nordic races were the only ones which worthed something, do with Asians?

Officially, from the point of view of Germans, this alliance was concluded because of USSR. Hitler hoped that Japan would help him against Russia (that is, would declare war to Russia). The problem is: in September 1940, it was clear that Japan wouldn't help Germany against Russia. First, it was very dubious that they could do it, since they were already very busy with China, Southern Asia, India, etc… And they most probably didn't want it. Why would Japan attack Russia? They didn't have any profits to make in this affair. The only lands they could gain were of very low interest. And for those poor lands, they would have to make a war against a very powerful adversary. China, Southern Asia presented much more interests for them. It was obvious. So, Hitler didn't have any help against Russia to hope for. And he couldn't ignore it.

In fact, the alliance with Japan was extremely dangerous, since, in September 1940, it seemed more and more likely that they would finally make war against the USA; something which was totally against the interests of Germany.

So, why an alliance? Why not just a cordial relationship?

Ok, maybe why not an alliance? But, then, not a serious one. Just an alliance on paper. Not an alliance leading to declare war on the USA. But it was not a superficial alliance. It was a very serious one (at least in the mind of Hitler), since it leaded Germany to declare war on the USA.

So, this alliance was very strange. But when you understand that the war was staged, you understand why this alliance took place. It was concluded only to allow the USA to enter the war against Germany without having to do the first step.

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