mercredi 26 juin 2013

Hitler doing masonic handshakes and signs

Here are some photos and paintings with Hitler doing masonic handshakes and signs.

A clear masonic sign with the left hand (the two middle fingers are stuck together while the others are separated from them, an unnatural position) 

This first image is in fact a painting from Heinrich Knirr (made in 1937). 

Of course, skeptics could think that maybe Knirr invented this masonic sign and Hitler never did it. But historians say Knirr made his paintings from Heinrich Hoffmann's photos. And he tried to just copy the photo the most faithfully possible. There is just one painting from life of Adolf Hitler: it's a portrait made by Knirr in 1935, at Berchtesgaden. All the other ones were made from photos. 

You could also make the hypothesis that maybe Knirr was a freemason himself and that he maliciously painted this masonic hand sign. But, if Hitler and the Nazi regime had been what they seemed to be, Knirr would never have dared to do that. As the portrait would be seen by everybody, he would have feared that some antimasonic Nazi would have been able to recognize the masonic sign. Then he would have been sent in prison or in a concentration camp, or even executed. He would have never taken such a risk just for the little pleasure of putting a masonic sign on a painting of Hitler. 

So, it's indeed Hitler who did this masonic sign.

Anyway, there is another image with Hitler doing the same sign. And this time, it's a photo.

 The same masonic hand sign (photo from 1925, soon after Hitler was released from Landsberg prison)

Another painting made by Heinrich Knirr shows another kind of masonic sign.

 The painting from Knirr is once again made from a Heinrich Hoffmann's photo (taken in October 1935)

This time, it's a lion paw (left hand). If the fingers made a 90° angle with the fist, you could say it doesn't mean anything. But here, the fingers are making an angle of between 30 and 45 degrees with the hand. It's a very unnatural position. Thus, it's clearly the masonic sign of a lion paw.

The following photos are about Hitler doing masonic handshakes (thanks to thirdeyewise who posted them here)

So, why would Hitler do masonic handshakes and signs, if he was for real? Why was the supreme chief of the Nazi party, someone who was supposed to be an extreme anti-mason, doing masonic handshakes and signs? The answer is simple and obvious: because Hitler was a mason of course (and a jew). He was not what he seemed to be. He was in fact a jew put in power to allow Jewish leaders to create Israel and have a lot of jews going to it.

Of course, it could be fake photos, made by jews in order to be "debunked" one day or another and thus to ridicule the theory that Hitler was a jew. Jews like to do things like that (for example, the African DNA of Hitler). However, all those photos have been well known for decades. Thus, such a thing would be very improbable. There would be two versions of the photos. This would be easy to find. This manipulation would have been identified quickly.

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  1. Hitler re-hires a freemason (Hjalmar Schacht) who then re-hires the Hamburg Jewish banker Max Warburg to work under him (so the story goes), all the while ranting against Jews and freemasons

    "Beginning in 1933, Max Warburg served directly under Hjalmar Schacht on the board of the Reichsbank, under the Nazi regime, before emigrating in 1938."
    - wikipedia

  2. Very interesting. Thanks for those informations.

  3. Thank you so much for noting this. I smelled a rat the moment I layed eyes on the portrait a few months ago.
    I thought that IF Hitler would not have existed, they would have invented him... And you know what? They did!! :-)