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A little summary about Hitler being a jew and the faked world war II

Usually, when you read that Hitler was a jew, you have only informations of suspicion about his mother, his jewish ministers and generals, etc... Sometimes, the paper is smarter and tells you that he was the creator of Israel. You can also be aware of the many discrepancies from Hitler (Dunkirk for example).

But, if you think a little bit, you fall quickly on the following inconsistency : if he was a jew, why did he sent the jews to the camps ? I don't speak of extermination of course. Everybody now knows what to think about that. I speak about the deportation itself. If he was a jew working for jewish leaders, he wouldn't have deported millions of jews into the camps.

So, you are blocked with this logical problem. But, hopefully, with the following analysis, the inconsistency is explained, and you can understand why Hitler had to be a jew. You are then absolutely sure that he was one of them.

Jewish leaders wanted to create Israel. They had made moves toward this goal since 1880. And since the 1920's, they had accelerated their actions to create Israel. Around 1920, it was clear that Israel would be created soon, near the 40's or the 50's.

BUT, they had a very big problem. They could steal the land of Palestine. It was very easy for them. But the jews were very well in Europe, stealing the wealth of the goys. So, jewish leader would have had only some thousands of jews going to Israel. And thus, the creation of Israel would have been a failure.

And, of course, jewish leaders couldn't oblige everyday jews to go to Palestine by force while explaining them that they made that in order to fulfill their goals. They just couldn't use military force and say the truth about their intentions. The average jew would have lost all faith in his leaders, and, feeling betrayed, would have come back to Europe as soon as possible.

They needed to use coercion and force (otherwise nothing would have been done), but the truth wasn't an option. So, they needed to make them : live miserably, lose their weilth, live in a state of fear ( even of losing their life), under constraint, lose faith even in a normal future. And, in front of that, they had to offer them a paradisiac live in Palestine. They needed to use the stick and the carrot and so, to make their daily life a hell (in Germany, and after 1945 in USSR), and, on the other hand, to promise them a future in a little paradise (Israel). They needed them to have only one logical and voluntarily choice to make : go to Palestine.

But they had to make absolutely sure, at all costs, that everyday jews would never think that their beloved leaders were behind all this. They needed to make people think that all this had happened by the hazards of history, because of fatality. Remember, the devise of the Mossad is "by deception, thou shall make ware". It applies not only to goyims but also to everyday jews.

So, if jewish leaders wanted to have millions of jews going to Israel near 1940 or 1950, they desperately needed someone who would : steal the houses and wealth of the European jews, make them live in fear, and send them to camps, preferably in foreign countries so they would not know the language of the country.

And this leader had to be able to deport not only jews from his own country, but also from other European countries. So, he had to make wars against other European countries, and to win them for some time (before loosing when the deportation work had been done).

Jewish leaders also had to make sure that other countries would limit the immigration of jews toward them, in order to oblige jews to go to only one country : Israel. It was like obliging cattle to go to an enclosed plot of land by blocking all other exits.

So, of course, the rise of Hitler was not a hazard at all (and a wonderful one for jewish leaders). He was put at this place to realize the plan of the jewish leaders. And of course, he was a jew. Putting a goy at this place, with so much power would have been too dangerous for jewish leaders.

And the war was a faked one. Hitler has won at the beginning because it was planned like that ; because he had to put into camps not only german jews, but also jews from France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Russia, etc... When the work was done, as the plan had been accomplished, Hitler began to lose the war (of course, he didn't commit suicide. He fled away and died much later).

And of course, USA and European countries refused many jews in order to oblige them to go to Israel.

The sudden and very incredible antisemitism of Stalin (who was in fact a jew), after 1942, was also planned for this goal. With Stalin being antisemitic, russian jews were pushed toward Israel.

We can think that the McCarthyism was also a part of that plan. USA couldn't be antisemitic after the war, so jewish leaders replaced that by anticommunism (European jews of that time were often communism, or communism friendly or had communist friends). Then, they were able to keep preventing jews from coming to the USA instead of going to Israel.

The fake opposition between England and the jews after the war, was also created for this reason (and also to keep feeding the paranoia of the common jews).

When you understand that, you can understand why the jews provoked World War I. When you watch the map of the middle east before the war, you see the big turkish empire. After the war, the empire has collapsed and is replaced by many countries of small and medium importance. It's sure that the turkish empire was a big problem for zionist leaders : 1) for the creation of Israel 2) and after that, for is survival (having medium or little countries in front of Israel is better than having a big empire). So, it's obvious that they had to destroy it before in order to be able to create Israel. WWI was also made to create the preconditions of the rise of Hitler and USSR, which were themselves preconditions to the creation of Israel.

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